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Since 1986, Jeanette has offered professional development and transformational coaching, including coaching the coaches.  She considers it a privilege to offer individual support and partnership in creating a whole life of full self-expression, meaning and contribution from a Life Purpose.  She works with a process of “perspective transformation”, from which any concern may be addressed.  Results include increasing resonance with one’s own deep, personal meaning; enhanced relationship with self, others and the planet; and an empowered life experience that is sourced from love versus fear. Her clinical background includes psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist mental health, clinical specialist marriage and family therapy, mental health nursing advanced practice; energy medicine Reiki and Qigong, shamanic training with The Four Winds Society, professional and personal development and transformation.  

Jeanette cultivates an ever deepening relationship to Pachamama and Mother Nature’s teachings, as a part of her lifework on the planet. Jeanette is a business owner; coach’s coach, course leader and retreat leader.  She has been married since 1970 and has two grown children and two grandchildren.  She is also an artist and a photographer.


Tara brings depth, curiosity and an edgy, holistic approach to her executive coaching and art practices.  Her 30-year career as an executive in various companies and industries provides her with a depth of experience in leading collaborative teams capable of extraordinary results and adopting essential practices necessary to be nimble in a time of great change. 

Tara practiced Japanese tea ceremony as a child; was president of a technology services company at 23yrs of age; studied theology with to-be Catholic priests; traveled Israel with Benedictine monks; studied with Hindu, Sufi, Native American, and Buddhist teachers; lived in Germany as a Rotary scholar dwelling in student housing run by Japanese nuns who spoke German while working for two photographers and learning tango; learned from the Achuar people in the Amazon jungle; and married in Bali. Tara is an executive, business and creativity coach, course leader and retreat leader. Her personal art practice includes abstract oil painting & drawing, ceramic sculpture, photography, encaustic, knitting and dance.