We cultivate an ever evolving Spiritual Worldview through direct experiences in Nature. A Spiritual Worldview in this context is an ever deepening, conscious, personalized discovery of our connection to all of Life, from cells to planets.  In attunement with the great natural rhythms of Nature and Spirit, we are ever more free to create from our Life Purpose. These timeless teachings show how to draw the truth at the center of all pathways, religions, and human endeavors. Thus, while spiritual in nature, The Beauty Way is not religious in any sectarian way. 

Ancient wisdom says that when we connect with Nature, we also connect with each other, with inspiration, beauty, gratitude, love and joy.  When we connect with Nature, we connect more deeply and harmoniously with the great natural rhythms that lead to a balanced life. When we connect with Nature, we honor ourselves. When we connect with Nature, we begin to see with the eyes of our souls. When we connect with Nature, we find our own path to Spirit.

Spirituality is the vital center of a person, which is sacred.
— The Surgeon General
Spirituality – a “super-aliveness”, it’s the breath of all creation. Whenever we are alive on every level, we are spiritual and we are fully spiritual when we come alive on the highest level of our caring for one another and for this planet.
— Benedictine Monk Brother David Steindl-Rast
Spirituality corresponds to the development of the human qualities, such as love, compassion, patience, tolerance, forgiveness, or a sense of responsibility. These inner qualities, which are a source of happiness for oneself and for others, are independent of any religion. An altruistic motivation is the unifying element of spiritual qualities. Religion implies a system of beliefs based on metaphysical foundations, along with the teaching of dogmas, rituals, or prayers.
— Dalai Llama